Ask For Help


It is very simple!!


Just e-mail us at  We will do our best to reach you within 72 hours of your email request.   If we have funds available, we will do our best to assist you in some way.  If we do not at the time of the request, we will also share that with you to tell you we are unable to assist so you can hopefully find other sources to assist you. 

Please remember, just because the limit of what we CAN donate is $1,500, it does not mean that everyone receives $1,500 per request. 

Please read that again, it's very important.  We don't want to mislead you.  It is just a maximum amount we CAN donate IF we have the funds to do so for one request at that particular time.

The 30-Days Foundation is a Minnesota charity that can only assist Minnesota residents.  

We can only donate when we have funds available to do so and can only donate what we have in the account to donate at the time.  We will be open and honest with you what what we have and what we can accommodate per to the requests and the commitments of donations prior to your initial request.