*Who Does The 30-Days Foundation Assist? / We attempt to assist anyone who reaches out to us at The30DaysFoundation@live.com.  We recommend you email us, do not call us.  It is safer for all parties if documentation is in writing.   We also recommend that if you have an advocate, you have your advocate reach this email on your behalf.

*Does The 30-Days Foundation Send Donations Directly To The Person Requesting Assistance?/ All donations are ONLY made directly to the service provider that needs payment, not the person requesting assistance.

"Can The 30-Days Foundation Assist Everyone? / No we can not.  Our donations are totally dependent on the funding we have on hand at the time of the request.  We can not assist without donations coming in to our account.  When we have the funds available, we will do our best to assist you in some way

*Does The 30-Days Foundation Verify The Validity of the Request? / We request that each request has a personal or professional reference that we can verify the truthfulness of the request.   We encourage other agencies to reach us for your clients so we know that your clients have been vetted before reaching us to speed things along

*How Do You Reach The 30-Days Foundation? / Simply go to The30-DaysFoundation@live.com.  Do not call us to request assistance. Do not fax us. Do not mail us through the US Mail.  We only accept email requests.

*How Do You Donate To The 30-Days Foundation? / Simply go to DONATE on this site and fill out the simple form

*What Is The Mailing Address Of The 30-Days Foundation? /  8014 Olson Memorial Hwy #195 / Golden Valley, MN  55427


Thank you!

Mick Sterling

Founder and Director

The 30-Days Foundation