The organizations below are just a handful of worthy charities that reach out to The 30-Days Foundation for assistance with their own clients.   They do that because the charter of The 30-Days Foundation is so all-encompassing that we can serve as a "conduit" charity for other worthy charities to assist providing even more help for their own clients. 

Reach out to us if you are in need of further help with your clients. If funds are available, we can assist.  Simply email us at to begin the process.


*Salvation Army

*Car Clinic of Elk River

*Metropolitan Center for Independent Living

*The Dignity Center

*Good in the 'Hood

*Health East

*Mpls Womens Junior League


*St. Paul Foundation




*Guild incorporated



*Simon Says Give

*Avenues for Homeless Youth

*Angel Foundation

*Children's Cancer Research 

*District 279

*Catholic Charities

*Twin Cities Rise

*Project for Pride in Living

*Project Hope

*Project for Pride in Living

*Second Harvest Heartland

*North Memorial Hospitals

*The Table

*Mary's Place

*Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties

*Early Head Start

*St. Paul Intervention

*People Incorporated

*Miracles of Mitch Foundation

and many more are being added weekly