Perhaps you are one of these people in need of our assistance. We'd like to help if we can!


Our KEEP THE KEY program continues to assist people with back rent issues and/or a bit short for first month or security deposits to start a new life in their new home.  Since 2013, we have helped over 500 families by dealing with landlords to find common ground to slow things down so the tenant or future tenant has a bit more time find the funds to handle the back rent or first month/security deposit needs. The landlords appreciate KEEP THE KEY because they are assured that they can conduct their business because funds are coming in.  

The goals of The 30-Days Foundation is to help people get back on track.  Both of these programs are attempting to do just that.



A 30-DAYS HOUSE is the newest project for The 30-Days Foundation.  Beginning in 2018, A 30-DAYS HOUSE will provide rent and utility free transitional housing for one family in a rented home provided by The 30-Days Foundation for up to thirty days. A 30-DAYS HOUSE will be accessed specifically for families who have proven that they have paid the security deposit and first month rent for the new residence they will move to once they stay at A 30-DAYS HOUSE.



LET'S MOVE is a program that assists families with the frustrating, but essential duties to transition to a hopefully better life.  LET'S MOVE assists with moving charges and transportation needs as well as storage unit payments.


KINDWORKS assists families and inviduals with unexpectedly large pharmacy bills when insurance payments lapse and you find that out at the pharmacy counter when you, or your child needs the very medication that was prescribed to you.  KINDWORKS makes direct payments to the pharmacy when verified by the pharmacist that a family is indeed short of the needed funds for the prescribed medications.




The FEEDING THE FUTURE Trade Scholarship Grant is a grant of up to $2,500.00 for people who are in the process of or currently going to school to learn a trade.