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Friday, Oct. 17th, 2014





Ohhhhh my gosh!!!! THANK YOU, SO, SO, SO MUCH!!! Completely unexpected for you to pay the new amount!! It will help leaps & bounds!! This will keep me on the reduced billing program because a payment is made! And I was notified by my attorney I WAS APPROVED FOR SSDI!! It will still be up to 60days before I am paid anything.. At least there's an end in sight!! I just needed a bridge, is what I originally requested.. I'm joyfully tearful asking for help made that possible!! Wells Fargo is also willing to modify my mortgage as soon as the award letter arrives. Amazing. God is good. I just can't thank you enough.. Not only will this assistance keep my utilities ON, it will also keep me on the reduced rate program so once I am receiving benefits I'll be able to afford to keep up!! Oh.. I see I'm rambling. I just can't thank you enough or let you know the real impact & good news you may not get to hear often!!
Sincerely, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!
Dear 30-Days Foundation,

The 30-Days Foundation was my angel in disguise. I had just received a letter from the bank stating they were going to fore-close on my home, which I've lived in for the past 19 yrs, if I didn't come up with $200 in the next week. I got behind on payments and it's hard to make up payments on a disability check. To make a long story short, your confirmation concerning the help you were sending, was enough to calm the bank and for them to hold off the fore-closure. There aren't enough THANK YOUs to your foundation for the "over the hump" help. My home is no longer in fore-closure and with the help of some friends I'm all caught up with my payments. May God continue His blessings on your work and may you continue to prosper and help others.

I just wanted to thank you and The 30-Days Foundation for the assistance 
towards my rent. May God bless you all 
WOW! Where do you hide those wings under those jackets? THANK YOU!
That is a huge help and one less thing to worry about when I wake up
with anxiety attacks during the night! I promise, I will pay it
Thank you so much, of course it will help.  I hope you can understand how 
much this means to me.  I suffered a great loss.  My home is off its 
foundation and will cost about $1800 just to get the building back to where 
it was.  This has been the 5th worst thing that has happened to me in my 59 
years of life.  It is more than just the money, it means someone out there 
cares about me and my pain.  Thank you again 
You and The 30-Days Foundation ROCKS!!  It will help so much!
To Whom it May Concern,
With tears of joy, Thank you to everyone at The 30-Days Foundation!!
Thank you so much everyone at The 30-Days Foundation.  I 
appreciate your efforts, your kindness...everything.
This does help us keep a roof over our head, my fiancee is back to work and 
we will now be able to save up some money to move into a place where all 6 
of our kids can stay with us again.. Thank you so much and God Bless.. 
Wow! That's great! Thank you very, very much. Please keep my contact info 
because in the VERY near future I will be one of your biggest financial 
supporters - count on it. Because I think what you're doing is awesome. And 
I deeply appreciate your help. 
Oh thank you so much this really means a lot to me and my family. 
thank you so much, and i really appreciate the help, this foundation is 
such a blessing to so many.  
Hello The 30-Days Foundation
This is wonderful!!.... I talked to my mortgage company yesterday and they are willing to 
keep my loan going even though I am 2 more payments behind.... with the 
payment I made and what you made on our behalf they were willing to keep 
the loan going and not give up the car :)  
Please let me know how I can give back to your organization???
I would be happy to help organize your next fund raiser... make phone calls 
for ya... Hand out flyer's.  advertise whatever you need!!!
Please do not hesitate to ask.. I can't tell you enough how you have made a 
huge impact on our lives...
You guys are AMAZING. Thank you so much! You have made a huge difference in 
my life and stress levels! 
Hello 30-Days,
I would like to say how my heart felt so warm and so happy when The 30-Days 
Foundation took the time to read my letter and cries for help.  It could 
have been $10 and felt like a million dollars to me.  I have never been 
where I couldn't fend for myself and ask a total stranger for help.  I 
thank you so much and one day I hope I can donate to help someone too.  I 
will never forget how my face glowed when I read that you were able to help 
me.  God bless you and The 30-Days Foundation
I would like to say thank you for my donation as it has been a blessing, 
especially after a tornado hit N. Mpls.  All of my food was spoiled.  I had 
people working on restoring power.  Some homes had to wait 3-5 days.  The 
donation from The 30-Days Foundation was such a blessing because  I had to 
replace everything in my refrigerator.  It was very helpful.  God bless 
your foundation.
To The 30-Days Foundation,
Last year I found myself in very dire circumstances.   I was listening to 
you on 107.1fm where you were seeking funds of $30 in 30 days to fund your 
foundation.   I wished that I was able to call in and donate but instead I 
found myself looking up your foundation on-line and applying for 
assistance.   You were very quick at reviewing what I had submitted and 
never questioned me or made me feel unworthy.   Unfortunately, you had not 
collected enough during your campaign and with the condition of our economy 
this type of promotion probably brought in more requests for money than 
money you actually received.    Although you were unable to assist with my 
request you did send a $75 gas card which was greatly appreciated.   That 
bought enough gas for me to get to and from work for two weeks and for that 
I am so grateful.  
What you are attempting to do is a good thing.   Your idea of 
helping people with one time assistance in hopes of the help being enough 
to prevent them from financial disaster is a good one.   There are a lof of 
people out there that you are helping to stay a float even for one month, a 
lot of the time all that is needed for them to pull themselves out of a 
crisis, and slowly move forward. 
To Whom It May Concern,
I had been cut off of U Care because I 
simply couldn't afford the monthly premium. I was sent a referral by the 
school to contact Mick Sterling at The 30-Day Foundation. Right away I felt 
like my needs were a priority and my situation was delicate. Mick walked me 
through some instructions and actually went himself into the pharmacy to 
make a payment for my sons prescription. There was never any hassle or a 
run-around, I was very blessed and thankful to have gotten a chance to 
receive help from The 30-Day Foundation. Its a wonderful thing when you 
have people working for people!
Upon receiveing the gift card from The 30-Days Foundation, I was experiencing 
hardship during the holiday season. I was blessed to get a gift card to 
help assist. However when I was granted to redeem it through mail, we were 
experiencing difficults on my end. I had just recently moved in that 
December into a 3bdrm. I have had a very hard time the past 3yrs with 
numerous areas in my life, and after all of my hard work everything is 
becoming renewed. We moved into our apartment without anything. We had lost 
everything we own down to our own clothes. Throughout the weeks we have 
been able to accumulate the basic needs to live through resources. The 30 
Days foundation, was another resource I was giving while in treatment at 
Wayside House. I am currently residing in Wayside Supportive Housing . This 
is a beginning of a new life for us. This is also considered sober living 
for woman and children. Long story short "Too Late",  I, with your help, 
was able to  give my kids a beautiful Christmas. Thank you so much for your 
help, anything I can do back, think of me..... 
Thank you. I appreciate it. This truely is a good cause you 
established,some people just needs some help whatever they can get. Thank 
Thank you 30-Days Foundation. I appreciate it. This truly is a good cause you established, 
some people just needs some help whatever they can get. Thank you!!!
Thank you to The 30-Days Foundation for all your time and consideration! For you to do this for all the flood victims means more than you will ever know. It's really a overwhelming  situation and organizations like you show us a ray of hope .  I hope you realize how grateful we all are.
It will help us a lot we where just trying to figure out how we could get the kids school supply lists taken care of and some of the household items we need. With our clean up and replaced items cost with 4 kids it has been hard to keep on top of it. Also with winter around the bend we lost all of our winter clothes. So it will help more then you could ever know. Thank you from myself my wife and our children.
 I will remember The 30-Days Foundation in my prayers and thanks for all you do to help others!


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