Welcome to The 30-Days Foundation

Hello Everyone,

As we are in the middle of this holiday season, The 30-Days Foundation has finished it's fiscal 2015 year on Nov. 30th.   We are very proud of what was accomplished this year:

*10,219 individual disbursements of assistance came from The 30-Days Foundation in fiscal 2015.  Because of people like you have have supported our efforts.

*Over 250 families were assisted by our KEEP THE KEY Program to either avoid eviction or begin a new phase of their lives in a new home or apartment.  Because of people like you who have supported us.

*Over 60 different charities have reached out to The 30-Days Foundation for assistance with their clients.  We are able to assist when funds are available because of people like you who have supported us.

*We provided our first FEEDING THE FUTURE Trade Scholarship and provided our first donated vehicle because of a compassionate car dealership through our VROOM Program

*We served over 7,000 meals with our partners at Loaves and Fishes within our RefillMN program, www.RefillMN.org

Our efforts continue daily.

If you can assist our efforts, please donate on the site.

If you need assistance from us, please read below.

Thank you,


Mick Sterling

Founder and Director

The 30-Days Foundation


Welcome to The 30-Days Foundation

*If you are interested in donating to our efforts, thank you for that.   We hope what you read on the site encourages you to do so.   It is impossible for us to help others without donors to us.  Thank you for considering us.

*If you are in need of assistance from us, please read what follows:

1.  All requests must be emailed (We do not accept phone call requests) to the30daysfoundation@live.com.  If you can text, please text your email address to 952-334-9996.  

2.  We will do our best to reply to your email request within 72 hours of receiving it.

3.  The 30-Days Foundation can not help everyone with their full request.  We can only help when we have funds to do so.  If we are not available to assist you, we will inform you that we do not have enough funds to do so at the time of the request.

4.  The maximum amount The 30-Days Foundation can donate is $1,500.00.  That amount is completely dependent upon if we have the funds available at that time to donate the maximum amount for one request.   It is not a guarantee that just because that is our maximum amount we donate that everyone who requests will get that amount.   It is just the amount that is our limit.   All donations are completely dependent upon funds available in our account at the time of your request.

5.  All donations are ONLY made directly to the service that needs payment, not to the person requesting the assistance.  If the donation is a gift card, it is for a specific store. It can not be a pre-paid credit card. It can not be cash. It can not be a check made payable to the person requesting the assistance.

6.  Our goal is once a donation has been approved, it will be received to the service provider in less than thirty days of the request.  

The 30-Days Foundation can not solve everything.  But perhaps we can stop the momentum of bad things happening so people can have a chance to catch their breath and get caught up again. If you ask for our help and we have the funds, we are honored to ease a bit of your burden in this way.





Ohhhhh my gosh!!!! THANK YOU, SO, SO, SO MUCH!!! Completely unexpected for you to pay the new amount!! It will help leaps & bounds!! This will keep me on the reduced billing program because a payment is made! And I was notified by my attorney I WAS APPROVED FOR SSDI!! It will still be up to 60days before I am paid anything.. At least there's an end in sight!! I just needed a bridge, is what I originally requested.. I'm joyfully tearful asking for help made that possible!! Wells Fargo is also willing to modify my mortgage as soon as the award letter arrives. Amazing. God is good. I just can't thank you enough.. Not only will this assistance keep my utilities ON, it will also keep me on the reduced rate program so once I am receiving benefits I'll be able to afford to keep up!! Oh.. I see I'm rambling. I just can't thank you enough or let you know the real impact & good news you may not get to hear often!!
Sincerely, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!
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About 30 Days

The 30-Days Foundation assists people in real-life financial crisis with a one-time financial grant made payable ONLY to the service provider.

Help Out. Donate.

The 30-Days Foundation depends solely on donations from individuals and companies. Help us help others in need. Thank you.