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THESE DAYS - The 30-Days Foundation provides Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day dinners for The Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul

The 30-Days Foundation is proud to present:

The 30-Days Foundation providing Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Dinners for those in need at The Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul, MN

Fund Raising Goal: $5,000

Timeline: Monday, Nov. 17 - Friday, Nov. 21st

Our Goal: To help feed and provide survival supplies for 750 people living on the streets who receive assistance and support from The Dorothy Day Center

The Plan: The 30-Days Foundation wants to provide the same type of dinner you will be enjoying with your families this holiday season. A special meal on these two special days will be served in THE 30-DAYS FOUNDATION heated tent on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day for those who are in need on these special days. 

Our partnership with the St. Paul Evangelical Association means the fine people who do this work every day and have the connections to find the best values for the meals, will also prepare the homemade and filling food that is purchased by The 30-Days Foundation. 

Together on that day, both charities will be on site, easing some burden and serving to those in need on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

We also will be providing each person with a survival package of these items:
Lip Balm
Hand Lotion
Hand and Foot Warmers
Cough Drops
and a home made fuzzy fleece neck scarf to help deal with the cold this season

Cost per person to assist our efforts: $6.50

If you wish to assist our efforts, please visit www.The30-DaysFoundation.organd click on DONATE. You can donate as much as you'd like, but know that $6.50 is what it would take to help a person on these holidays. 

We are well aware this won't come close to solving all of their issues and problems. But we are also aware that at least on these days of Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, 750 people living on the streets will have some burdens eased, receive some human compassion and will have a full and delicious meal. Please, donate if you can and share this with other friends if you are moved to do so and help our efforts to make this happen.

Thank you,

The 30-Days Foundation
EIN 27-3971655



Ohhhhh my gosh!!!! THANK YOU, SO, SO, SO MUCH!!! Completely unexpected for you to pay the new amount!! It will help leaps & bounds!! This will keep me on the reduced billing program because a payment is made! And I was notified by my attorney I WAS APPROVED FOR SSDI!! It will still be up to 60days before I am paid anything.. At least there's an end in sight!! I just needed a bridge, is what I originally requested.. I'm joyfully tearful asking for help made that possible!! Wells Fargo is also willing to modify my mortgage as soon as the award letter arrives. Amazing. God is good. I just can't thank you enough.. Not only will this assistance keep my utilities ON, it will also keep me on the reduced rate program so once I am receiving benefits I'll be able to afford to keep up!! Oh.. I see I'm rambling. I just can't thank you enough or let you know the real impact & good news you may not get to hear often!!
Sincerely, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!
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Subaru's SHARE THE LOVE CAMPAIGN chooses The 30-Days Foundation!

Our dear friend Dan Moen and his team at White Bear Acura in White Bear Lake presented The 30-Days Foundation to Subaru for their national SHARE THE LOVE charity campaign.  This effort begins on Nov. 15th through early January 2015.  Every Subaru that is purchased at White Bear Lake Subaru during this time, the customer has the option to select The 30-Days Foundation as their charity of choice and Subaru will donate $250 to The 30-Days Foundation.   I have been told this effort nationally raises around $15,000,000 for great charities.  We are now one of them.   

So...if you are going to buy a Subaru, pleaes go to White Bear Subaru and inquire about The 30-Days Foundation!!

Amazon Smile Program Helps The 30-Days Foundation

Our friends at Amazon Smile are helping The 30-Days Foundation, which really means..you are.   

This holiday season on Amazon, please think of us and say you want to assist The 30-Days Foundation on the Amazon Smile Program.

Every purchase you do on Amazon, helps The 30-Days Foundation if you choose us.

Shop away!!  Thank you!

And in the end....

It's really that simple when it comes right down to it. The only way we can assist those in need is for people like you to feel moved enough to assist us.

We hope you feel what we do is worthy of your support.   The people we help are very grateful for your generosity.

About 30 Days

The 30-Days Foundation assists people in real-life financial crisis with a one-time financial grant made payable ONLY to the service provider.

Help Out. Donate.

The 30-Days Foundation depends solely on donations from individuals and companies. Help us help others in need. Thank you.


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