About Us


The 30-Days Foundation celebrates the simple act of kindess by providing a one-time financial grant for people in real-life financial and personal crisis.  The donation from our foundation is made payable only to the service provider that requires payment.   Since 2011, we have helped over 5000 families and it is our goal to help thousands more each year.

The 30-Days Foundation assists people with everyday needs. Needs that when aren't able to be kept up becuase of unforseen circumstances, or injuries, or employment lay-off's, etc, can pile up and cause considerable burden to parents and children of any family.  The 30-Days Foundation provides the opportunity, when funds are available, to stop the momentum of bad things happening and give people the chance to catch their breath and take care of things.

We assist people with these types of issues:

*First Month Rent and Security Deposits

*Gift Cards for Groceries, Fuel or Department Store Needs (From the specific stores, not pre-paid cards)

*Medical Bills

*Utility Bills of all kinds

*School Supplies

*Emergency Shelter for Families in Abuse Situations

*Moving Fees

and more

The 30-Days Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, EIN 27-3971655 that is based in the Twin Cities, but can be national in it's reach.   We can do that because everything we do is online and the needs that we provide are needs that are in need of attention to anyone around the country.