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About Us

THE 30-DAYS FOUNDATION is a unique and streamlined foundation that exists solely to help people facing real life financial crisis. We believe that unexpected financial setbacks that happen to individuals and families have a tendency to multiply quickly. Once they start happening, what often results is the financial burden upon caregivers and their children, or individuals, can seem overwhelming. So overwhelming that many people fall into a spiral of bad luck, and bad financial decisions result.

The 30-Days Foundation believes that sometimes, if just one financial burden can be lifted, it’s a game-changing moment for people in need. That is what we do. We help ease people’s burden a bit so they can get back on track.

How do people get help? It’s very simple… they ask for it.

One important note… all request will be initially answered within two days if possible depending on volume of requests. All answers, whether we can help or not (depending on the financial constraints of The 30-Days Foundation), will be shared with the person in need within thirty days.

  1. People go on our website
  2. They click on APPLY FOR HELP
  3. They put their e-mail address and a personal or professional reference e-mail
  4. They tell their story in the box provided
  5. They click on the item they need assistance with (Car Repair, Rent, Utilities, etc)
  6. They press submit and it comes to us
  7. If we have the funds, we send the donation to the service that needs payment, not the person requesting help. 

It’s very simple and direct.

The 30-Days Foundation was created and directed by founder Mick Sterling and our Board of Directors. We raise our funds by producing events and applying for grants from charitable foundations.

  • We receive no government assistance
  • We do not require brick and mortar because our foundation is an online based effort
  • We are a 501c3 non-profit organization

We are a national organization based in the Twin Cities. Anybody from any part of the country can ask for assistance. Because of what we donate and how we do it, we can honor requests from any part of the country.